Do you want to achieve a luxurious look in your kitchen?

There is no better option than marble. What about white? White always creates a fresh and stylish look for any kitchen. Regardless of the style of the kitchen you want to create, your biggest assistant is that white is classic and timeless in every style but never simplify it by saying it’s just a white backsplash. You can always bring elegance to your home by using a white marble backsplash. Whether it’s all white or dark cabinets, or more crazy colorful designs; You can always use white and marble backsplash for all of them, you can find everything you are looking for with unlimited options.

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ID# LXS-01-22001 | Source – Credit | © HwRenewal

Gray Cabinets and White Backsplash Tile

These days, the most popular way to combine gray kitchen cabinets is with the use of a white backsplash. Because of this don’t be afraid to be playful when deciding how to place your kitchen tiles. The use of white herringbone tiles gives your kitchen a modern and spacious look. As a result, contrast created by dark wood shelves and flooring creates a soft harmony with golden details.

ID# LXS-01-22002 | Source – Credit | © Kathy Marshall Design

A Colorful Beach Style Kitchen with White Cabinets and Backsplash

Very different and pleasant ambiances are possible with similar marble colors in the kitchens. You can see one of the exquisite examples of this in this beach-style kitchen. White marble herringbone backsplash tiles and white countertop create a simple and elegant harmony. The design feels airy and modern especially with a blue island counter and green bar stools added to the bright room.

ID# LXS-01-22003 | Source – Credit | © Lindye Galloway

Blue and White Elegant Kitchen with Gold Accents

The combination of white, blue, and gold gives this open concept kitchen a very elegant look. In this case herringbone patterned modern ceramic backsplash tile can bring warmth to all white modern kitchen and if you want to create an uninterrupted colored wall with grouting, you can have a modern look with grouting in a shade compatible with your cabinet door color. Consequently, your kitchen will never go out of style by using touches of gold and white and dark colors.

ID# LXS-01-22004 | Source – Credit | © Lindye Galloway

White Open Kitchen with Blue Island

You can create an inviting and cozy space by completing your white cabinets in your kitchen with a navy-blue island counter. Plus, gold handles add a little sparkle to complete this design. The white ceramic backsplash, the luxurious feel of the white marble countertop and the gold-colored stool details create a modern look. Also, the medium-sized eclectic light wood floor brings warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# LXS-01-22005 | Source – Credit | © Lindye Galloway Interiors

A Transitional White Kitchen with White Glass Tile Backsplash

Have you had a look at these stunning white glass tiles? A unique design has been created with kitchen porcelain tile white shaker cabinets as a backsplash in this sweet kitchen created using less colors. Along with the white tiles, gray matte countertop and gold appliances add exactly the right color to the white cabinets in your kitchen, creating a stylish living environment for you. In short, this kitchen will make you very happy.

ID# LXS-01-22006 | Source – Credit | © Croma Design Inc.

All White Modern Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances

You can have a stylish and modern kitchen with quartzite countertops and a modern white backsplash look. While grid-like tile placement is popular, it’s not the only option you have. For a slightly more playful layout, you can use a zigzag pattern such as a stripe or herringbone. In addition, you can get an elegant and luxurious update by making small touches to your kitchen with modern bright panel cabinets, black matte handles and accessories. And flowers are always there to make you smile!

ID# LXS-01-22007 | Source – Credit | © Ethernal Calacatta Gold Kitchen

Transitional Kitchen with White and Gold Accents

White marble backsplash is with you in your kitchen for elegance! Therefore, the dark and matte wooden floor is the most harmonious choice you can always apply to complete this elegance. Appearance, durability, and ease of maintenance are the main factors for material selection and for this reason, selected material marble waterfall countertop offer luxury and elegance. The gold details of the white oven complete the luxurious feel of the marble backsplash. You can add gold details to your kitchen with chandeliers and accessories, so you can get a luxurious look.

ID# LXS-01-22008 | Source – Credit | © J Rider Construction

Elegant Modern Black and White Kitchen with White Marble Backsplash

This black and white kitchen can be summed up in three words: stylish, elegant and timeless. If your kitchen is large and spacious, you can combine black and white without hesitation and give your kitchen a stylish character. With the black island, it increases the usage area and creates a useful area for you to enjoy the whole day and maybe for your dinner at the end of the day. With its use in black, the white marble backsplash adds an elegant touch to your kitchen and is sure to stand out.

ID# LXS-01-22009 | Source – Credit | © Danenberg Design.

All-White Cottage Chic Kitchen

Dreamy classic cottage chic. A huge window that reflects natural light into your kitchen. You can increase the warmth of your small kitchen with oak wood flooring without escaping from simplicity. White classic cabinets, grayscale white marble countertop and white backsplash tiles have created a very cute and fascinating design in this kitchen.

ID# LXS-01-22010 | Source – Credit | ©Cassy Young Decorating Den Interiors

Traditional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Multicolored Marble Backsplash

Remember that the backsplash you want to use doesn’t have to be just one color. With this approach, you can take the first step towards having a unique kitchen. Since white cabinets can be used like a canvas to match any color, material and style, you can add timeless appeal to the kitchen with your traditional white cabinets with a gray-white patterned backsplash. With the island countertop with gray cabinets, you can create a useful and large dining area for yourself. In addition, you can break the white dominance in your traditional kitchen with stylish metal-colored details and modern glass chandeliers.

ID# LXS-01-22011 | Source – Credit | © Cedar Hill Cabinets

Arabesque Backsplash in A Transitional Kitchen

White cabinets and a white arabesque stone tile backsplash add a traditional flair to the kitchen and create a vintage atmosphere. It would not be wrong to say that the white cabinets, especially the lighting used inside and under the cabinet, reveal the marble countertops that are in perfect harmony with the stone backsplash. It would not be wrong to say that the oven used is a wow factor that completes the kitchen.

ID# LXS-01-22012 | Source – Credit | © Christine Sheldon

Traditional Kitchen With White Cabinets and White Backsplash

If you have the appropriate space, the island will become the focal point of your kitchen. A gray island with a white gray marble countertop complements the kitchen cabinets with white bar stools. The color match of the marble counter used on the island with the marble backsplash gives it a traditional look and provides a bright atmosphere. Brass cabinet handles and pendant lighting in the kitchen add a burst of energy.

ID# LXS-01-22013 | Source – Credit | © Rumor Design + reDesign

Bold and Stylish Use of White and Wood

To have a contemporary kitchen with a lot of gold accents, flawless and completely uncluttered, yet still with a personal touch. Maybe this is what your dreams are made of. The white cabinets combine with the wooden chairs used on the island counter, giving your kitchen a bright touch and something perfect is revealed. In your kitchen, which consists of white and wood tones, you can use a white marble backsplash to complete the space in a perfect harmony and keep it light and bright. All that remains is to make the golden touches you want.

ID# LXS-01-22014 | Source – Credit | © Pam Sessions

Elegant U-Shaped Blue Traditional Kitchen

Navy-blue can be bold, but definitely know how to look good on the eyes. You can use a marble white backsplash that brings out your navy-blue cabinets for a simple yet striking kitchen look. You can make your traditional kitchen look creative and trendy by pairing it with unique and metallic elements. In this particular kitchen, an island with marble countertops and kitchen cabinets with glass doors create a harmonious and stylish look.

ID# LXS-01-22015| Source – Credit | © Crowell + Co. Interiors

A Small Kitchen With All White

For small kitchens, white is always with you as your savior. Even if the shelf depth is small, it provides a stylish area to store small kitchen essentials. The harmony of white marble countertop and backsplash makes it feel fresh and inviting. Just small touches using natural wood tones are enough to warm up a white kitchen. I bet all family members will spend time in this kitchen.

ID# LXS-01-22016 | Source – Credit | © Lda Architecture & Interiors

White Subway Tile Backsplash in a Traditional Kitchen

Subway tile backsplash are classic for a reason: Because they always work in any style. In this traditional kitchen, white recessed-panel cabinets offer a sophisticated look, while a stacked gray subway backsplash puts a modern twist against the traditional kitchen. The combination of black and white in the kitchen added style and sophistication and created a bright environment.

ID# LXS-01-22017 | Source – Credit | © By Colossus Mfg.

A Chic White-Black Kitchen With Marble Backsplash

There is no doubt that the use of black creates a sophisticated effect, and if you want an assertive effect, you can use black kitchen cabinets. By adding white next to black, it visually adds a sense of luxury, so you can get a strong and bright style. With a white herringbone backsplash, the results are powerful and natural. While the cement tile island brings elegant atmosphere to your living space, leather bar stools and the combination of matte black, gold and white complete the decoration of this exotic yet stylish kitchen.

ID# LXS-01-22018| Source – Credit | © Coddington

Glamorous White and Gold Kitchen

In this transitional kitchen, the color white is used extensively, adding gold elements to create a glamorous and bright U-shaped kitchen. An alluring design has been achieved with the geometric patterned tile backsplash with metallic filling used behind the oven. Marble countertops perfectly match the stylish and sophisticated atmosphere of the environment, bar chairs and chandeliers dominated by gold create a luxurious look.

ID# LXS-01-22019 | Source – Credit | © MMI Design

Blue and White Kitchen with Recessed-Panel White Cabinets

The marble backsplash is featured in the background as a complementary element – and it’s on purpose. While the white kitchen cabinets and the powder blue island are in the foreground, the gray marble countertop has taken on the supporting role, creating a pleasant living space with the spacious and relaxing look of the kitchen. With the neutral tones of stools with transparent legs used, they brought a cute atmosphere to the kitchen and added a natural stylish look.

ID# LXS-01-22021 | Source – Credit | © Design Loft Cabinets

Transitional Kitchen with Gray Cabinets and White Backsplash

Another transition kitchen with stylish and elegant accessories! All our marble and gold dreams have come true in this magnificent kitchen. Gorgeous gold accents in the white patterned backsplash and the island create a soft harmony with the navy-blue and make the kitchen warm and charming. You can bring nature to your kitchen with a large window, and at the same time, you can make a final elegant touch with bar stools that contain the colors of nature.

ID# LXS-01-22020| Source – Credit | © Nate Fischer Interiors

Beach Style Kitchen With White Marble Backsplash

Do you have a high ceiling kitchen? You can make your kitchen more spacious and inviting with the use of marble backsplash in harmony with the natural wood tone of your cabinet doors. The use of matte floor tiles adds timeless elegance to the kitchen, while the dining area awaits you. Light natural wood cabinets and soft lighting complete the look. All that remains is to have a good time in your kitchen with your family.

ID# LXS-01-22022 | Source – Credit | © Pike Properties

Dark Cabinets with White Marble Backsplash

Dark kitchen cabinets do not mean a dark kitchen. Using white as the backsplash and medium-toned wood flooring will create a very elegant, natural but effective look for you. In this kitchen, where a sincere and comfortable atmosphere has been created, the mosaic tile backsplash and matte kitchen cabinets come to the fore and bring modernity. Who can’t wait to spend time in this kitchen?

ID# LXS-01-22023 | Source – Credit | © Coyote Design Architecture + Planning PLLC

White Hexagon Backsplash in A Farmhouse Kitchen

 You can have a kitchen that is both simple and modern by using white hexagonal backsplash tiles to match the rustic farmhouse aesthetic. In this kitchen, where there are few and natural plain colors, the harmony of the backsplash and marble countertop transforms the environment from mediocrity into an eye-catching design. White cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances along with the use of natural wood tones for the accessory complete the warm look of the wood flooring.

ID# LXS-01-22024 | Source – Credit | © DPM Designs, LLC of Medford, NJ

White Recessed-Panel Cabinets with White Marble Backsplash

“Three different colors and a traditional kitchen”. While the use of white together with the dark floor is another element that adds modernity to the kitchen, your kitchen will remind you of warm feelings with the marble backsplash preferred in white. The use of contrasting colors with the kitchen cabinets with the white marble countertop used on the dark island counter provides a clean and bright floor for the kitchen. With marble’s evocative of elegance and luxury, it added value to every room and provided even more light with white kitchen cabinets.

ID# LXS-01-22025| Source – Credit | © Glen Ellyn

A Historical Kitchen With Modern Design

The great thing about white is that it goes well with any color; therefore, you can’t go wrong with soft color like pale blue. The pale blue island brings light and airiness that contrasts with the modern white cabinetry used in this kitchen. Elegance is hidden in small details in this kitchen. Bar chairs, glass chandeliers and small accessories add a dose of elegance. The dark wood flooring shines the white in the kitchen, while the gold detailed backsplash used behind the oven completes the elegance.

ID# LXS-01-22026 | Source – Credit | © DPM Designs, LLC of Medford, NJ

White shaker cabinets with White Patterned Backsplash

Do you like to spend most of your time in your kitchen during the day? A full-size marble hexagon tile backsplash creates a harmonious and graceful look for this modern style kitchen. The fact that backsplash has similar color tones with quartzite countertops and gives an integrated image with stainless steel products brings a warm atmosphere. Also, in this kitchen with warm tones makes it comfortable for the contemporary life you want.

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